spicy beer nuts    $4

chips & salsa: fresh tomatillo & roasted tomato habanero    $9

chips & guacamole   $10

red and green chorizo handpies in a puff pastry    $9


empanadas chihuahua cheese & serrano w charred tomatillo salsa     $8

tomatillo & market veg chopped salad w queso fresco    $13

meatballs spicy pork & beef meatballs w manchego    $13

confit chicken on black bean sope w crema & queso fresco   $13


mexican sticky rice tamale w chinese sausage & pibil rubbed pork   $11

chiapas style tamale w saffron tomatoes, beef cheeks & olives   $11

pig's head tostada seared cheeks, ear & porkbelly w market peppers   $13



Pork Belly w kimchi & Hominy stew$10



braised shortrib w house pickles & salsas   $45

braised lamb shoulder w cucumber salsa & crema   $41

tamarind glazed pork shank w soy pickled garlic & cilantro  $32

beer battered fish filet w mayan mayo   $35

korean bbq w pickled daikon, marinated kimchi & furikake   $38




al pastor with roasted pineapple & avocado salsa   $15

roasted cauliflower w farro piccolo & curried crema   $15

carne asada w grilled nopales, pickled peppers & onions   $17

moroccan lamb on roti (1 per order) w cucumber pico de gallo & crema   $13



churros with mexican chocolate   $8

ice cream: caramel sea salt & mexican chocolate$8

tres leches w strawberry rhubarb compote   $8


menu changes daily